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Whether a rogue shopping cart ran into your car door while you were grocery shopping or a tree limb fell on your hood, having an unsightly dent or ding in your vehicle can be a complete eyesore. Thankfully, the collision repair experts at Sonoma Auto Collision in Vallejo, California, offer superior dent repair services that you can count on. If you’re on the hunt for ding repair services, stop by our shop or call us today. You can find us at 3330 Sonoma Boulevard.

We Specialize in All Types of Dent Repair

Sadly, car accidents can happen. Whether you were behind the wheel or not, it can cause unwanted stress in your life. This is why the team at Sonoma Auto Collision in Vallejo, California, offers all types of dent repair services to fully restore and repair your vehicle. Some types of dent repair services we specialize in include:

Round Dents
These kinds of dents are caused by a rounded object hitting your car. They typically don’t cause any paint damage and can be easily repaired.

Crease Dents: This type of dent is more serious than rounded dents. However, they can still be fixed with paintless dent repair. Crease dents are longer in size and can damage the metal in your car.

Sharp Dents: Sharp dents result from a forceful impact by a smaller item, such as a car door or shopping cart. These types of dents are stretched outwards and don’t have a deep valley.

Serious Dents: The worst type of dents we see are deep dents that cannot be repaired with just paintless dent repair. They may need a bit more work, which Sonoma Auto Collision can easily do.

If your car, truck, or SUV has suffered any one of these types of dents, you should make an appointment with Sonoma Auto Collision today. We can get your car looking like new once again!

Dent Repair Benefits

So should you invest in dent repair services at Sonoma Auto Collision? Here are some benefits of dent repair worth considering. First is value retention. Fixing dents and dings keep your car looking like new, which preserves its resale value. A dent diminishes the integrity of the vehicle body, leaving it susceptible to more issues down the road, like rust. Repairing the dent now is more cost-friendly than significant rust repairs later!

Contact Us Today for Your Dent Repair Needs

If you want to restore the beauty and value of your car by getting unsightly dents and dings fixed, call Sonoma Auto Collision today for our stellar dent repair services. We also welcome walk-ins! We are committed to offering our Vallejo, California customers quality customer service. From free shuttle services to a lifetime warranty on all bodywork, we’re here when you need us the most. Contact us 707-643-4518 to schedule your appointment or receive your free, no-obligation estimate today. We look forward to doing business with you!