Need Collision Repair After an Auto Accident?

5 Steps to Take After an Auto Accident

Whether it was a fender bender or full-on collision, being involved in a car crash is an emotionally taxing experience. You can feel shocked, scared, and surprised. During the rush of all these different emotions, it can be tough to take the appropriate next steps.

The team of experienced technicians at Sonoma Auto Collision in Vallejo, California, is here to help. We offer comprehensive and compassionate collision repair services after an auto accident.

Here are five essential steps to take after a car accident.

Stay Calm and Ensure Everyone is Safe

Your safety and the safety of others take top priority after a car collision. If you, your passengers, or anybody in the other vehicle is injured, call 911 immediately. Though you’re feeling frightened, try to remain calm. Put out flares and other warning signs to alert oncoming drivers. If both cars are still safe to drive, move them to a secure spot on the side of the road.

Assess the Situation

After you make sure everyone is safe, carefully assess the situation. What damages has your car suffered? What about the other vehicle? Thoroughly inspect your vehicle for damage that resulted from the crash. Take pictures of any damages. If there are witnesses, get their names, contact information, and testimonies. You should also gather evidence. Take photos of debris, skid marks, and other possible evidence to give to the police and your insurance company.

Exchange Information

It is required that all drivers involved in the accident exchange info, including name, driver’s license numbers, insurance company details, and phone numbers. Beyond exchanging information, limit your contact with the other drivers and avoid commenting about who caused the crash.

Call Your Insurance Company

Contact your insurance company right away so that they can efficiently handle your claim. If the police are on the scene, give them your statement.

Get Your Car Inspected

Take your car to an experienced collision repair shop to be thoroughly inspected. There might be damage to your car that is unseen to the naked eye.

If you need collision repair services, call Sonoma Auto Collision at 707-643-4518 now.

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